About Us

Who’s there for you in the morning when you wake up and there to greet you when you get home? 
Even when they make a mess on the floor or chew up your shoes, your dog is a true companion free from guile, gossip or greed. Here at Puppy Honey, we know that the dog in your life is more than just an animal in your home. Our dogs are an integral part of all of our families so they deserve to be recognized and supported too.
Started by dog lovers, Puppy Honey is a company dedicated to providing our fellow dog owners with high quality jewelry for you to show your support and love for your furry family members. All of our jewelry is made in the United States and constructed out of the finest and highest quality materials available. We strive to provide you with the best possible shopping experience and also with long-lasting and beautiful jewelry so that everyone will know how fantastic your canine friend is.
We hope you enjoy shopping with us and please contact with any questions, comments or concerns that you have.